Callaway Golf Fusion Wide Sole Wedges

By Jim Hagerty

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Callaway Golf's Fusion Wide Sole irons are advanced game-improvement clubs, made with several of the company's signature and patented design features.

The first difference you'll notice on the well-named Wide Sole wedges is the extreme width of the sole. This is designed to let the club head glide across the turf and helps high-handicappers who tend to hit the ball fat--or strike the ground slightly behind the ball.

Uniflex Shaft

The Fusion Wide Sole wedge's Uniflex option comes stock in the form of the Nippon NS Pro 990 steel shaft. This shaft is made for swing speeds in the 80-100-mph range, depending on player mechanics. The shaft weighs about 99 grams and contains a mid kick-point. In Fusion Wide Sole irons, the NS Pro 990 shafts are engineered to maintain the same club weight for each iron in the set.

Fusion Wide Sole Pitching Wedge

The pitching wedge (46 degrees, men's right-handed) is a strong-lofted iron made to give developing players the ability to get solid distance and proper control from a short iron.

The Fusion Wide Sole pitching wedge consists of a four-piece titanium head, made with a modern version of Callaway's S2H2 bore-through shaft technology. The patented SenSert insert, a hermoplastic urethane piece, fills the cavity to dampen vibration and increase feel.

Like all Wide Sole irons, the pitching wedge's sole is a two-piece design marked with the inclusion of a Tunite weight insert that helps keep a low center of gravity behind the sweet spot on the face. It also helps the clubhead move swiftly through impact.

Most high-level wedges are not designed using perimeter weighting technology. The wide sole wedge, however, is. This enables the average player to take advantage of all the top-tier capabilities of Callaway and still utilize the game improvement component of cavity-backed perimeter iron weighting.


The Fusion Wide Sole pitching wedge (regular flex) picks the ball well out of a variety of lies. Its bounce, progressive offset, responsive titanium face and strong 46-degree loft get the ball up quickly with an extremely comfortable feel. The Tunite sole insert eliminates drag through impact. From the fairway, the pitching wedge produces the distance of a 9-iron and still delivers the ball flight of a wedge. Around the green, the club checks and releases well and is easy to control.

Fusion Wide Sole Approach Wedge

Unlike the pro-level, high-performance wedges Callaway designs for highly skilled players, the Approach Wedge is made more like a typical iron and takes advantage of all the game-improvement technology available, from perimeter weighting to wide sole to cast steel and multiple material design. The 51-degree model is a gap wedge that fits well between the standard pitching wedge and higher-lofted sand wedge.

Fusion Wide Sole Sand Wedge

Callaway Fusion Wide Sole irons, including the 56-degree sand wedge, have 6-4 titanium body. The wedge is progressively offset and follows the rest of the set with its advanced version of Callaway's S2H2 Bore-through hosel. The modified cavity back contains the manufacturer's thermoplastic urethane insert, which adds comfort and balance and reduces vibration at impact.

Wide Sole Lob Wedge

The 60-degree lob wedge includes a progressive offset and a modern version of Callaway's classic Bore-Through shaft technology. Its cavity is filled with a thermoplastic urethane material (SenSert insert), made to dampen vibration.

The club's sole has its own two-piece design with a Tunite weight insert which keeps the center of gravity low and behind the face.

The Fusion Wide Sole lob wedge is a reliable club. Its wide sole and comfortable bounce gets shots up in a hurry. From the fairway, the Tunite weight pushes the head through impact with little drag.

As a chipping club, the wedge is extremely responsive and checks the ball nicely from around the green and sand. While not a precision wedge, the Fusion Wide Sole is made with state-of-the-art game-improvement features necessary to help aspiring players develop the proper mechanics required to become strong wedge players.


The Fusion Wide Sole pitching wedge is no longer in production. However, Fusion Wide Sole iron sets, in both steel and graphite, are still available from a variety of retailers. As the clubs become more obscure, Callaway's Pre-Owned Outlet is the place to start for single club purchases.

Left-Handed Clubs

With top players like Phil Mikelson on staff, Callaway is tuned into the needs of the lefthanded player more than most golf equipment manufacturers. The classic challenge for lefties has always been finding the same clubs a company makes for right-handers, but in lefthanded models. Luckily, Callaway makes all its Wide Sole Irons for lefties.

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