Odyssey Crimson Series 660 Putter

Updated January 25, 2022
Golfer tapping in putt
    Golfer tapping in a putt
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Odyssey is a golf equipment company that has chosen to specialize in putters, and its Crimson Series 660 represents just one of its unique takes on putting technology. The 660 has a few distinctive features that cause it to stand out from most others, and it features an innovative insert technology that has come to be considered one of the Odyssey brand's best product assets. Though no longer in production, the Crimson Series 660 is still available on the secondary golf market.


According to the Odyssey website, the Crimson Series 660 putter is designed to deliver better performance through improved feel. The shaft and the putter's tour-inspired head design are constructed from 431 stainless steel; the rounded putter blade and crank-neck hosel form a single molded piece of steel; and the shaft is inserted into the hosel slightly off-center to give the player better perspective on the ball. The steel component of the putter's face features a hollow divot in which sits the trademarked Crimson Stronomic insert. The insert is designed to promote exceptional feel and ball grip and to retain that level of feel for the life of the putter. The insert and steel putter face are milled together so that there are no surface variations between the two materials. There is an alignment line on the outside edge of the putter blade to clearly indicate the putter's sweet spot.



The Crimson Series 660 putter is available in both lefthanded and righthanded models. Shaft lengths are available in 33, 34 and 35 inches. There are no options for shaft flex or material; all Crimson Series 660 shafts and heads are made from stainless steel.

Odyssey's Philosophy

The Odyssey company mantra is that while you may be able to endure and conquer narrow fairways, ragged roughs and tricky bunkers, "you live or die on the green." It is based on this belief that Odyssey has placed its focus on putters, and in the early 1990's it delivered the world's first putter made from Stronomic, Odyssey's proprietary elastomer material. Through patented insert technology, Odyssey has married the benefits of Stronomic with the strength of steel in the Crimson Series 660.