Callaway Big Bertha Irons Sand & Lob Wedge

By Darin McGilvra

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The Big Bertha Irons sand wedge (55 degrees) and lob wedge (60 degrees) are made by Callaway Golf. They are part of the Big Bertha Irons set and have a distinctive red Callaway logo on the back of the club head.

The set is designed so the clubs have consistent distance separation throughout the set with the best possible trajectories. Though it has since been replaced by the Big Bertha OS line of irons, the Big Bertha wedges are still available on the secondary market.

Club Heads

The club heads on the Big Bertha irons are designed with Callaway's Extreme Notch Weighting. This redistributes the weight to the toe and the heel of the club head in the back and down low. This is done to give the club a high Moment of Inertia (MOI), which gives you better distance and accuracy on mishits.

Club Face

The Big Bertha irons have a club face constructed with Variable Face Thickness Technology. This lowers the center of gravity in the club head by varying the thickness of the face between 0.5 mm and 2.5 mm. In the sand wedge, this has the effect of providing an improved trajectory height.


The hosel is the small joint that connects the club head to the shaft. The Big Bertha hosels are short, straight and hollow, which allows the weight to be distributed lower and to the perimeter of the club, where it is more useful.

The hosels on the Big Bertha irons also are designed with Callaway's Tru-Bore Technology, which allows the shaft to extend through the hosel and club head to the sole. This is done to improve control and feel by moving the end of the shaft closer to the middle of the club face.

Big Bertha Sand Wedge

The Big Bertha sand wedge has an angle of loft of 55 degrees and an angle of lie of 65 degrees. It also has a bounce angle of 11 degrees and a swing weight rating of D3.

Big Bertha Log Wedge

The Big Bertha lob wedge has a loft of 60 degrees and a lie of 65 degrees. It also has a swing weight rating of D3 and a bounce angle of 9 degrees.

Big Bertha Wedge Shaft

Big Bertha lob wedges with senior flex--also known as an amateur or light flex--are available only with graphite shafts. They have a low kickpoint and a low to mid torque rating.

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