Callaway Golf Big Bertha 1996 Gold Irons

Updated October 4, 2017
    Capitalizing on the success of the original line of Big Bertha irons, Callaway Golf altered the clubs' sweet spots, added a new sole and redistributed the weight head in assembling the Big Bertha 1996 gold irons. The oddity of the gold coloring and the soft feel of the clubs have made them a collector's item. The Big Bertha line continues to roll out new, popular models to this day.


    The Big Bertha Gold 1996 irons come with both a graphite RCH 96 and steel M10 shaft. All major irons and wedges are part of the original set. In addition to a new sweet spot and contoured sole, a redistributed weight head and a new shaft, the Big Bertha Gold 1996 irons are made from soft aluminum alloy and feature a 360-degree undercut channel and a large, thin face.


    Pricing and Availability

    Because it's no longer produced in this form by Callaway, the Big Bertha Gold 1996 irons can no longer be found on the primary Callaway website, but you can purchase the clubs through Callaway's pre-owned website. Irons sell individually for approximately $35-$60, depending on condition and type of iron, but not all irons originally produced as part of the set are for sale.

    Pros and Cons

    The large, thin club face really produces some ball speed at point of impact, to the point where the ball seems as if it's almost "jumping" off the club face. The repositioned sweet spot really does make a difference in terms of ball height and distance.

    But the contoured sole might take a while for certain golfers to adapt to, meaning these irons might need a few trips to the driving range before being unveiled on the course.


    Customer Reviews and Buyer Beware

    Online customer reviews laud the iron's thin club face and its ability to produce a quality shot with tons of distance. But keep in mind a majority of Big Bertha Gold 1996 irons on the online market today are pre-owned, so it's possible the clubs won't be up to the original form. Best to conduct a thorough inspection, and even take a few swings if possible, before purchasing these clubs pre-owned.

    More Information

    Check out Callaway's pre-owned website at; information on newer products is available at Callaway's primary site: