Best Golf Grip Technique To Optimize Distance

By Debbie Doniger

Hi, I’m Debbie Doniger and I am a Master Instructor with the Jim McLean Golf School. Today I am going to give you a tip geared towards the woman golfer although a male player will benefit as well. In order to create a more powerful backswing we need to do a few things.

Fix Your Grip

What I usually see the woman golfer do is have a grip that is too much in the palm. This feels powerful but it is not. What it does not enable you to do is use your wrists properly so that at the top of the swing you bend your elbows too much and you lose what we call width at the top of your swing.

Perfecting Finger Placement

So before you go out and play I want you to make sure that the grip is mainly in the fingers of your left hand, where you can actually take your thumb and forefinger off the club and hold the club in the last three fingers of your left hand. You will also notice that the heel pad of your left hand will be on top of the grip. Then add your right hand to the grip, which will also be mainly in the fingers.

Add Your Wrists

Then with super-light grip pressure and your forearms nice and relaxed you should be able to swing the weight of the clubhead and your wrists will be able to hinge more naturally. When your wrists hinge better then you can coil up to the top of your backswing and see that you will have much more width, where your hands are farther away from your head as opposed to next to it. This is a much more powerful way to hit the golf ball, I hope this helps.

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