Benefits of the Claw Putting Grip

Benefits of the Claw Putting Grip

The Claw Grip

One of the most intriguing grips that I have seen in recent times is the claw grip. Chris DiMarco really popularized this in modern times. It is a grip where you split your hands, and DiMarco actually puts his right hand on this way. DiMarco did not invent this, actually Warren Chancellor down in Texas, who used to play the Tour, learned it from one of them members of his club at Oak Hill in San Antonio. He started using it and putting well with it. It is kind of like a sawing action you use where you take your right arm and make it go right to the target. Other great players have used it and won tournaments. Mark Calcavecchia recently won using the claw and I have seen quite a few players on all Tours using the claw. It really takes your right hand out.

Removing the Right Hand

If you have any kind of bad things going on with your right hand it really is a fabulous grip. DiMarco does it this way. When you first do it it feels very strange, it becomes very much of a left sided stroke or almost a push stroke. DiMarco looks to me like he takes a really short backswing and just pushed the ball towards the hole. It looks like this. He just pushes it right at the target. It is a very simple kind of action but putting the right hand on like this is difficult and feels kind of odd at first. It is a pretty drastic measure. Calcavecchia, Tom Kite and others put their hand on like this and then just stroke it back and forth.

Rocking into the Ball

This is a little more comfortable for me, so if I were using the claw I would probably go like this at first. Again, it is very much of a rocking action, back and through. So your hand goes on like this, DiMarco does it like this, the original claw, also Mark O'Meara has putted like this at times. O'Meara being one of the greatest putters in the history of the PGA Tour has gone to the claw. It is a definite possibility for you if you are having any kind of problems with your putting or you want to give it a try. It could be something that really transforms your putting game.

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