Stop & Go Drill

Stop & Go Drill

A few years ago when I was a head professional up in New York I saw one of the pros doing an interesting thing. I saw him going up to the top and he did not like where he was so he would kind of move it and then he would swing. From that I came up with the stop and go drill. I started working on it just a little bit myself, going up to the top into a good position, just hold my position and then swing through. Then I started teaching it. I used this drill with Hal Sutton. I used it a lot with Peter Jacobson, he did great with this drill, won some PGA Tour events and on and on I have used it with all kinds of good players. It is definitely a good player drill because it takes some skill to actually hit shots using this drill. If you are having any kind of trouble in your backswing, you could be laying it off too much, going across the line, too short, not enough width, whatever, the way you do this is take it up and maybe have a partner or golf professional look to see if you have the club where you want it to be. Maybe a flat left wrist, square clubface, something like that. You go up to the top and stop, balance your body, and then swing through. It is called the stop and go drill. You actually stop. Up to the top, stop, swing. In a short period of time it really gets you solid at the top. You will start hitting the ball really good. It may take you fifteen or 20 five balls in order to really start hitting the center of the golf club because it is a drill that is acquired, it takes a little time. I have really had great success with the stop and go drill. I know it is a drill that Tiger Woods has used in his career. He said it was tough for him, I heard him talking about it on the Golf Channel. Give yourself some time with this drill. It can really help some serious backswing and sequence issues.

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Jim  McLean
Jim  McLean
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Jim McLean runs the Jim McLean Golf Schools, considered by some the world's finest. He is listed as one of Golf Magazine's Top 100 Teachers and Golf Digest's #3 instructor in the world.


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