How to Control Your Hook Shot in Golf

By Jim McLean

I have been doing golf schools now for over 20 years and one thing that I like our students to leave with, especially after a three day school, is the ability to hit a hook or a fade on command. I am constantly amazed when we bring even a good player out and tell them there is an obstacle in front of them and they need to draw it around that tree or the ball is going to go out of bounds or into a lake so they have to hit this ball right to left, it has to hook. Many times they will hit the ball dead straight, it will not hook. They really have not done the preparatory moves that allow you to hit a guaranteed hook so I do not let them leave until they can do it. Usually they will have to exaggerate the following things that I am going to show you.

How to Hit a Hook Shot

  1. Number one is turn the clubface in first. The clubface determines whether the ball is going to hook, go straight or slice. So you put the clubface in to start with then you put your grip on. Somebody that has a weak grip we might turn them over but I generally do not mess with the grip too much. I just have them turn the clubface in and then put your hands on it. If you do it the other way, put your hands on first and then turn the clubface in you just made yourself a weak grip, so that is a problem that people have.
  2. Next, we want them to go into a closed stance, right shoulder back, and then I want them to get a feeling over the ball that they are going to allow their forearms to rotate a little more going through and the body to slow down. So that is a few things to remember. Close the clubface, set your body to the right closed, as you go through we are going to turn the face over.
  3. Then the really important thing, and this is where a lot of people fail, is they get their body to turn to that target to early, their shoulders go to quick. So you have to slow the shoulders down and allow the club to pass. That allows you to hit a guaranteed hook every time.

Now with some practice you will learn to do this much more consistently. You will be able to control the curve by how much you close that clubface and how much you close your stance.

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