Golf Drill to Improve Control while Putting

By John Elliott

Putting Directional Drill

I am going to show you a little directional drill here for putting.

  1. What I have done is I have made a mark with my magic marker on the ground and I am going to put the ball there.
  2. Then we go behind it, and I am carrying a paint can, I am going to go back here behind the golf ball and I am going to do the best that I can to read this putt.
  3. Then I am going to walk up and put the can of paint on what I determine to be the high point of the putt. As I go through my putting process, my set up, and I set up to hit it towards the hole, I am going to aim the club to the right of the can of paint, just barely, I am going to look there.
  4. I am going to stroke there, look at it starting to come in. That was more of a distance miss than a directional miss so I am going to try that again.

Working Together

One of the keys to being a good putter is that you need to have your head, your eyes, your club, your stroke and your intent all going in the same direction. That would be to the high point of the break. I have determined the high point here is well to the right of the hole as you can see. I am aiming the club there, aiming my eyes there by looking to the right side of that can, my feet are parallel to that. Now I am going to stroke to that point. I hit it a little bit harder but watch it come in. After seeing those two I would relocate the paint can just a tiny bit lower.

Training Accuracy By Putting Around an Object

If you want to become a more consistent putter when you have a lot of break put something there as a guideline and try to train your mind and your muscles to make your ball go around it. If nothing else this is fun, but what it does is it gets you alerted to what you need to know about making a putt versus worrying about missing. We never want you worrying about missing. Use your eyes, use your blade, use your imagination to get the ball started on the right line so that it then goes around the can and ideally ends up in or around the hole. What you don't want is to go below the can. You can see that they are all trying to do the same thing. Now that I have seen that again I would move the can a little bit more to the left because it is not breaking quite as much as my instincts told me that it might. You learn from each putt, that is part of the game of playing golf.

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