Casting Cure

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Video Transcript

Video Golf Tip | Casting Cure
By John Elliott

If words like these are very familiar to your vocabulary you have a problem that we are about to fix. Words like throwing, when I think of throwing I think of baseball. Casting, when I think of casting I think of fishing, Heaving, I think of heaving I think of drinking too much. The point is that in too many golf swings those things apply and they all apply to the same thing, how you are getting the club from the top of your swing back down to the ball. You are throwing it, you are heaving it, you are casting it, you are releasing it early. Any way you cut it what you are doing I you are losing power big time. On my right arm I am wearing the MVP, it stands for maximum velocity and power. It is a training aid to help you get rid of that heaving, throwing or casting feeling. It is a very neat training aid but it is also very complex. Putting it on involves a couple of straps, there is an elbow hole and then there is a gear system. In the gear system there is this retractable cable, you can hear it, it is very loud, but that is part of what we are looking for. Let me show you how we work with it. I am now connected to the MVP, I am going to stretch it back out, put my hands on the club. Now I have my grip and the way this is designed to work is when you make your backswing listen, the cable begins to retract and as you can see that cable now is very short. As I come down if I can maintain the shortness on that cable then I can take my hands, wrists, arms and the club from the top down to the bottom without losing any of the angle in my wrists or my back arm. When I release listen, you heard the whole unit sound like it broke loose. What it did was the cable let go but the key is to let go in the right place. The goal here is to get set, swing back, you create the angle between the shaft and your lead arm, you now have the cable in a very short mode. As you are coming down and your weight is shifting and your wrists are staying cocked, the cable is staying connected, the clip is connected to the shaft, the release point is out here in front of the golf ball, thus allowing you to get the club from the top to the bottom and maintain the wrists cock that is going to give you so much of your power. Let me show you as I hit a shot. I walk in, there is the length I want, I am all set and I am just going to hit a regular golf shot. That was a very well struck shot, the cable stayed on. Many times when you do this, depending on how tightly you set the MVP because I do not have it on a tight mode now, for those of you who are very strong, the long hitters, and you want to get even longer, you can tighten this up just like you can buy an X100 shaft, which then allows you to maintain that pressure even longer. This will then allow you to maintain and gain more distance. So the MVP to me is far and away the easiest way to learn how to get the club to the top and out of the top correctly so that you are not losing any of the power in route to the ball. Get rid of that throwing, heaving, casting vocabulary by learning to release forward of the ball, which means you are going to have the maximum power at the ball.


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