Learn What the Scoring Zone is to Improve Your Golf Swing

By John Elliott

Invest in Your Irons

One of the most important numbers in golf is this one right here, 150. Most of the shots that you are going to take in golf are going to occur from this marker to the bottom of that hole. Let's just think about the shots that occur from the 150 in to the cup. A pitch, a chip, a bunker, a trouble, a full swing shot, maybe I am 150 and I am hitting a full 7-iron. And yet to get to this point from the tee back there that only took one shot. It is kind of funny to me how recklessly we spend our money on drivers and how foolishly we spend our money on not getting the best set of irons that we can because you spend more time hitting these clubs than you will ever spend hitting your driver.

150 Yards and In

Why? Because this is known as the scoring zone, from the 150 and in. I will give you a scenario. If every time you had a shot from the 150 and in you hit the green with one swing what do you think your handicap would be? First of all you would be on in regulation virtually every single hole. Then if you took two putts you would be shooting 72 and we never said a word about how much better you needed to hit your driver. All we talked about was you having the ability from 150 and in to hit the green with your first try, your first swing.

Understand the Scoring Zone

So one of the crucial areas of the game of golf that is very misunderstood is what we do from this point forward. A, you need to have a good attitude because you are not going to hit all the greens. B, you need to have a short game that backs up the shots that don't hit the greens. Not one that you keep adding to your total but one that you keep subtracting from your total. So here at 150 playing to this green a little bit downhill I am going to hit a solid 8-iron. It is my 145 club but because I have a little breeze and a little down slope it should be sufficient. Now here is the neat thing, if it is not sufficient I know where it is going to be and so do you, it is going to be in that bunker short of the pin, but this is a downhill green so I need to land the ball short of the pin because the green is going to push it past the green anyhow. Kind of interesting all the things I know about this shot before I even pull the trigger isn't it.

Know Your Game

Do you know the same amount about your shots? So here we go. Going through my pre-swing routine. Watching every bit of my shot from my finish position. Nicely up on the green where from there I am one on and two putts in unless I get lucky and one putt it, so inside the 150 I am either going to make a two or a three. Par is three. Eighteen holes that is 54 shots right there if you have the ability from the 150 and in to make threes. If you turn those threes into four then there at 72 of your shots right there. Turn those threes into twos and what do you have, 36 up to 72, a 36 shot difference and we still have not discussed the club that got us here. There is the key to lower scoring. I hope you take advantage of this because it is really going to make your numbers come down, especially when you can hit those greens with that 7-iron, 8-iron, 9-iron, pitching wedge, gap wedge, sand wedge, L wedge. Look at all the clubs that fit inside 150. Get on the green the first time and the game gets a lot simpler.

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