How to Fix the Two Main Causes of Toe Shots

By Ed Ibarguen

We are here to talk about common faults and one that we hear a lot of hitting the ball out on the toe. We are going to get there two ways, you can hit it on the toe for several reasons.

How to Visualize Toe Shots

We will use our string so that we can get a really good visual on this. If you put a ball next to the string where the toe, and see if I can get it just right, where when I put it here the ball is now where the toe is right there on the edge of that string.

I know that anytime that this club crosses over that string I am going to have a problem coming into the ball. What do toe hits do? If I am a player that comes on in and my first move back to the ball is to push that right shoulder out, see how the club is coming out forward, now I am in a position where I have created the momentum of a loop that is coming out over the string and now I pull it across my body.

This is surely going to create a toe shot, watch it in slow motion. I made a pretty decent backswing but now I spring out to hit it this way, I continue to pull. Look at the club on the other side of the string coming down into the ball and as I pull across it hits it out on the toe. The club is not designed, even clubs that have expanded sweet spots, are not designed to hit it out on the toe.

What Causes a Toe Shot on Impact?

When impact is made on the toe the clubface will be jarred backward and out to the right, so you are going to have very weak shots even if you are pulling across it the clubface comes there. Obviously that is an issue with path.

You want to realize, going back to your slow-motion swing, that when you get here to the top, try to get the feeling of delivering the club on plane, inside, right down that straight plane line, and look how that clubhead is coming back right to the center of the face. I probably identify that more as a high handicapper toe hit. That is somebody that is out across it and pulling it.

How to Avoid a Toe Shot

Good players usually approach from the inside, manages to square the clubhead up, handicap could be running from seven all the way to fifteen. That is a pretty good golfer. That player wonders how in the heck he is making an inside move but for some reason he is hitting it on the toe, if anything he should be hitting it on the heel.

But watch what happens when he releases his hands early. Again, here is the backswing, we are back here in a reasonably good position, we are on plane, we are coming down, heck we are looking like Tiger Woods now.

We are coming in on in here but watch, if my right hand comes out during the release, instead of driving down to the low point, you can see that even though my hands are making that kind of movement, the un-cocking, the early outside un-cocking of my wrist will create, even for a good player, that outside head.

See how that kind of swings out and creates that toe shot. What you want to do is, if you back to our lesson on grip pressure points, grip pressure point number one, right here at the base of the left thumb. If you will come on in and take that pressure point where you are maintaining that position, not to throw the club out but to drive the club down through the ball, sure enough there we are. Once again, on a solid impact position. Those are two things about hitting the ball out on the toe. Come on back and we are going to talk about heel shots.

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