How to Develop Good Balance in Your Golf Swing

By Ed Ibarguen

Why is Balance Important in a Golf Swing

You should start in balance, you should take the club back in balance, you should come back to impact in balance and you should finish in balance. How do work on it and what do we pay attention to.

Let's try to break balance down and try to think of it, is my body balanced by itself or do I need this club for balance? I am a proponent of you need to be able to be in balance of your own body to begin with.

How to Use a Balance Zone Training System

You can get a two by four or use one of these Balance Zone Training Systems, where you take your normal stance and notice my weight is very flat to the ground in the center of my feet so I have not too much weight forward or I will fall off the board. Not too much weight back or I will fall off the board backwards.

We are looking for towards and away in terms of getting this thing here and we want to have balance left and right. I don't want to start out with 60, 70, 80 percent on my right side. I don't want to start out with 60 or 70 percent up front. Understand there are specialty shots where that is called for. I am talking about the average shot, try and come on in and take your balance.

Swing Exercise For Balance

Here is am getting set up, now drop the club and let's imagine you are holding the club right in front of you. I will ask my students to do this and then I will say put your hands on your elbows and bring your arms in. I want you to try to make your swing in full motion. It is shocking to me what I will see. I will see things like this. They will fall off the board, they can not keep their balance.

I will say did that feel like your swing and they will say not, that did not feel like my swing at all. But that is their swing, that is what their body does every swing and they have never had any realization of it. All they are aware of is trying to put that clubhead on the ball with their hands and that usually means a very handsy delivery in the attempt to do so.

Use This Visualization to Improve Balance

Keep in mind the clubhead is the tail, your body is the dog, if you own an animal does the tail wag the dog or should the dog wag the tail. Going back here again, you take your set up, cross your arms, try this little drill, arms at your side, let me see that back stroke.

Are you staying in balance? Come back the other way slowly so that you can feel how the weight moves into that left hip and through. Were you able to stay in balance? Little by little try to get your speed up. Try to maintain your center, make that turn come back through.

The more you do this the more you understand what your body is doing, the easier it is going to be to take this club and match it up with that nice posture and routine as you stroke through. Next time Tiger is on TV and you are watching, watch him before the shot. He takes his club and comes back very slow and very deliberate and he feels that sequence of his arms and body moving through together at the same rate. Best of luck, work on your balance.

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