How to Choose the Best Club for Bunker Shots (and a Mistake to Avoid)

By Ed Ibarguen

How to Choose the Best Club for Bunker Shots (and a Mistake to Avoid)

Choosing a Club to Hit Out of A Bunker 

We are here to talk about bunker shots today and I brought all four of my wedges out to the bunker to talk to you about them.

Three Club Choices for Bunkers:

  • 60 degree: your most lofted club, not too much bounce.
  • 56 degree: your standard sand wedge with nice bounce on the bottom, and remember that bounce is going to be like if you are in the water and your palm hits the top of the water it is going to splash a lot of water into your friend's face, well that is what this is going to do through the ball.
  • 52 degree: a little less loft and bounce than the sand wedge, and then my straight wedge which is 40 eight degrees.

Why Do You Need Different Clubs for Bunkers?

So all four degrees of loft apart. What I would like you to do, and the reason I want you to bring all your wedges out is that not every course has the same type of consistency in the sand.

They do not have the same kind of depth in the sand. There are going to be different courses that require different wedges. For our course, with the fluffy sand we have in it, you can see that it is fairly splashy sand and this 50 six degree works very well. Practice at your course with the different wedges and find out which one works the best.

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