How to Align Your Golf Stance for Straighter Shots

By Ed Ibarguen

How to Align Your Golf Stance for Straighter Shots

Closed Clubface and Closed Body in Your Golf Swing

The last time we were together we were talking about terms in golf and how closed in the clubface means that the clubface is aimed to the left while closed in the body means the body is aiming to the right. What I would like to do is take those terms that we now understand and see how they might cause a problem.

Beginning Golfers Tend to Aim to the Right

Unfortunately a lot of the high handicappers that I see have a tendency to aim to the right. The problems that I get with that is notice how my body is now aimed to the right of my straight plane line, or my string, or target line. what ends up happening number one is that they are not aware of this because they have never realized where their body is. But here is what they do know. Their eyes turn and look at their target and their eyes tell them to swing to the target in this direction. Once that signal has been sent to the brain they get back in here and guess what?

Stop Bottoming Out on Your Golf Swing

You are going to make a move that out across your body, notice how high the club is there, it is going to come down very steep, you are going to have a tendency to bottom out behind the ball. What is even worse is that when you get down to impact your body is in the way and you most end up just convulsively flipping your hands through the shot. Not very good. There are times where you might want to get into a closed set up to hit a draw, but in terms of trying to get a consistent set up be careful not to over exaggerate anything. I would prefer that you try this.

  • Put your clubface in and get that square to the target and try actually lining up to the left but now swinging to the target.
  • Notice that the club is now coming more in, down the line, and look how your body has cleared out of the way.
  • When I get that move instead of being in here where I am blocked out, I am now in here where my body is rotated out of position and I am clear to get through the ball.

I hope that helps you in trying to make a decision about what is the best alignment for you to the target.

Good Alignment is the First Step to a Good Golf Swing

Once again, we don't really recommend closed unless you are specifically trying to hit a shot, and that is a draw. If you are slicing and you are lining up to the left how can you tell? You get your line up on the golf course and just bend over, put that club across your heels because you can not cheat, then you come back behind the ball and say holy smokes, I am lined up 50 yards to the right. No wonder I tend to hit behind the ball and I have a very weak and ineffective swing. So look at your alignment, don't forget to use your string, that will help you. Good luck.


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