Tips for a Consistent Golf Pre-Shot Routine

By Ed Ibarguen

Stay Consistent in Your Pre-Shot Routine

The last time we were together we talked about the importance of a pre-shot routine. Using that routine to allow your mind to be calm, to be focused on the shot at hand. It gives you the opportunity to move into the shot on a consistent basis and make a consistent swing. What I would like to do today is just make a couple of recommendations for you to try. Remember what we said last time, no two pre-shot routines are the same, so just develop yours, get a couple of points, and to me the pre-shot routine starts behind the ball.

  • I like to be about three maybe four steps behind it.
  • I like to sight that target.
  • You will see that we have our string down in the ground, you have to visualize that target line to the target, and you know Nicklaus used to pick a spot in front, you remember reading that where he would draw the line.
  • So keep your eye on that spot right there that is in that line, don't take your eye off that spot as you move forward.
  • Step in with your right foot and draw that imaginary string.
  • Your eyes were on that spot, you draw it here, you put your clubface down first.
  • Now you move your left foot in for your ball position because the ball position is done off the left foot.
  • I have a wedge in my hand, I am going to find a middle ball position by putting my left foot in.
  • My right foot then goes and takes its alignment position. So the right foot can be in a closed alignment at this point, it can be in an open alignment, right now I am just going to set it into a square alignment. I have now gotten myself positioned where my ball position is perfect, my clubface is perfect, my alignment is perfect.
  • Now I would like for you to turn and look at that target. This is really important.

Always Find Your Golf Target

I want you to see the target. I see a lot of my students do this and I say what on earth are you doing. They say I am looking at the target and I say you did not see anything, you are just swiveling your head. So I want you to turn and look at the target, and while you are looking at it I like to see some motion.

Have Pre-Shot Waggle to Stay in Motion Before Hitting

You have the old fashioned waggle from Ben Hogan where you kind of move your hands, I kind of like to almost visualize that impact position. Have something like Mike Weir more of looking at the path he is coming through. It does not really matter. What is important is that you are moving over the ball, you are not set down stiff and thinking just still and then all of a sudden just jump into motion. The other thing about the pre-shot routine is that once you get over the ball make the commitment to pull the trigger. Remember Joe Immelman in the old days, Sergio Garcia used to get in here and milk the club and sit over it. What always worried me about that is what is going on in the mind. What is going on in the mind when they are sitting there over the ball. Are they thinking? Are they going to give opportunity for negative thoughts to creep in. I know that can happen to you.

So step on in. Clubface, left foot, right foot, good look at the target, you are moving, you are all set, you are ready to go, let it go.

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