Learn Golf's Neutral Grip with a Left-Hand Focus

By Ed Ibarguen

How Does the Golf Grip Relate to the Clubface Position?

I have put together a little short club for you to help you understand how the grip relates to the clubface position, which is really critical. What I would like to recommend to begin with, to get a neutral grip, is to put this shaft parallel to the ground and you will notice that the face is in line with the shaft. It is not up like this and the toe is not down.

When it is like that, with your hand a little bit below your shoulder, bring your left hand in, and set your left hand so that the forearm is the same as the face position. Bring your right hand underneath and what you are going to get when you put this down you can see that is a very nice neutral grip. That means that neither the right hand or the left hand are going to have a dominant position. They are going to work together in this swing.

What is a Neutral Golf Swing?

What you will notice with this neutral swing is when I get it up in here to this top position can you see how this left arm and shaft and face are all on the same plane which is going to allow me to move that down into the ball into a beautiful impact position with my right forearm behind the shaft. This is really ideal. Let's take a minute, what happens, and a lot of people do not understand this, when the grip is taken in a different way?

  • I see a lot of people that when they take the club they think that if they move their left hand over that is a stronger position. This knuckle goes on top of the club.
  • Now look at what might happen if I gripped it, I leave my right hand in neutral position, I am going to put this left hand in what I call a very weak closed face position and I let me show you why.
  • When I take this set up and I bring it up to the top can you see how my clubface is now altered, it is tilted up, and that is a very closed position. With that grip when I am coming in the clubface is so hooded, or closed, that I am going to have to either hold on to it to try to create a shot, that is going to be a blocked shot, a very weak fade.
  • That is why this left hand position with that knuckle on top is not a strong grip, it is a weak closed face grip that puts you in a bad position. If I go back to my neutral left hand grip and I come this way, only this time I am going to bring my left hand around where it is really the opposite way, it is in an open face position.
  • I am going to leave my right hand neutral, I come up to the top, notice that my toe is down.
  • Even though my left arm and shaft are straight the toe is quite open, when I come down look at how open that face is.
  • Imagine as I try to come through it is going to be very difficult to get that face square.
  • If you are doing that you are the kind of player that tends to throw that clubface forward, get that shaft going in the wrong direction to try to square it up.

We have a lot more grip tips coming to you but let's start with today we just talked about the left hand, tune in again and let's talk about the right hand.

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