Fix an Outside-In Golf Swing with This String Drill

By Ed Ibarguen

Fix Your Golf Swing with This String Drill

I have a lot of people tell me on the tee when they come take a lesson that they have a problem with the club coming out, especially with their driver and long clubs, coming across it. It is called outside in swinging and often includes casting of the club. I am going to give you a couple of quick tips you can try depending on how brave you are.

  • We are going to come back and use our string as our alignment to the target, remember that this string represents the straight plane line through the ball.
  • We will come on it and put the ball right next to that string and here we are and we say what can we do to stop this thing over here.
  • The first thing is to think of this as home plate, our target is second base, if I gave you a golf ball and told you to toss it to where you wanted it to go you might just easily do that right there, just tossing it straight over the target.
  • Why then in the golf swing would you stand next to it and toss it over here to the shortstop? Try and get your visual, look at that target, get and understanding of where that target is in relation to my body. If I make that move I am not even swinging anywhere near the target.
  • I think that is an important concept to realize. Here is home plate, there is second base. When you are trying to swing pretty much ideally if you could where you are moving down the straight plane line from inside down the line and then back to inside.

Use a Head Cover to Line Up Your Golf Shot

Here are a couple of things that you can do. You can take a head cover and put it right here next to the ball. It won't hurt you if you hit the head cover and it won't hurt the head cover. You can come on in here and with that little visual right there try to see if you can come in and return back to the ball more from inside that ball position right there. Trying to get that inside back dimple back into the ball. If you do end up hitting that head cover you are going to know you got back over the top.

Experienced Golfers Can Use a Shaft to Correct Over the Top Swing

If you are a little braver you can put a shaft here. Just stick a broken shaft, you may have one laying around the house due to a problem you had with that club, but here we are. This one you need to be a little more careful. One thing that I might recommend is do it slower at first. Try to get that position where you are coming more in here and understand that you don't want to be coming across. This is not one I would recommend if you are not experienced because is you do it fast and you come on in and you swing it from the outside you could break your shaft. There are lots and lots of ways to stop that over the top swing, don't give up. If you still have a problem with it working on your own find your local PGA Professional to help you with your game.

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