Golf String Drill to Improve Alignment

By Ed Ibarguen

Have a Consistent Golf Setup

You make have heard the expression that the good players get out of set up they do not get out of swing. I am sure that you have heard quotes from Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus talking about how important it is to have a consistent set up. Along those lines I am going to tell you about what I think is one of the greatest teaching aids of all time, heck if I could only figure out how to do three easy payments of $19.95 on The Golf Channel I think I could make a million dollars.

How a Nylon String Can Improve Your Golf Game

This is just a nylon string, you can get it at any hardware store. Tie two tees on the end and let's use it every time we are on the practice range, of course you have to have some grass, but take your target, we are going to use this shaft and pretend it is the target 150 yards away. Stick that first tee in the ground at an angle because I am going to pull on it, and I want to have a very taught string because I am going to hit ball right off the string. That is the beauty of the string, you can actually as you are lining it up you get it nice and tight you can not break this string. You can hit down on it and you can see that the string does a great job of coming on in and allowing you to hit balls right off the string.

Three Areas to Care About in Golf String Drill

There are three things we care about.

  • Number one is clubface alignment at address. I see a lot of slicers start out with that clubface aimed way to the left and I will get in behind them and take this tee and say look at where that is angles. They have no idea because they have never had a point of reference. What I want you to realize is that you should lay that club down, get two 90 degree angles to that string and most important of all make sure that you set up is consistent with your clubface.
  • The second thing that I like to see is alignment of the body. If you get in here and take your set up you can actually use the club you have or if you have another shaft, pull it up across your heels so that you can not cheat on that alignment. Come on back behind the ball and take a look and you are looking for a nice parallel path of your body set up to the target. Now again, what I really like about this is that if you want to set up a little to the right I do not mind if that is your preference but do it consistently so that you check your alignment, you come on in, you come on back and say I am always setting up the same way every time.
  • The third element is ball position which is really critical. A lot of people overlook it. There are different philosophies on ball position, but again, do it consistently the same. If I have a 7-iron, for me I want to play it a little bit up from center. I will take a shaft, put it an 90 degrees to the string and I can come on in and make sure that every shot that I hit is going to be from the same ball position.

Become a Better Golf Ball Striker

So the string will give you clubface alignment at address, ball position at address and alignment of the body. Those three things will take you far into being a great player and a much better ballstriker.

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