Golf Leg and Back Stretches

By Ed Ibarguen

Great Golf Stretches for the Legs and Back

Ok, if you are a walker or a rider and there happens to be a cart nearby let's use this cart as an exercise tool. A stretching tool where you can stretch the hamstrings right in here.

  • The right foot is flat, you can really feel that stretch. That really feels good right there as I stretch that out.
  • Getting the hamstrings stretched is going to help you get your lower back stretched, and of course we always want to do things on both sides.
  • Be sure that you give them both equal treatment.
  • Again we recommend holding them for 60 seconds if you can, but 30 seconds is a minimum.
  • Another one you can get in here and you can get some nice shoulder stretches in here holding this side of the cart.
  • Feel that stretch in here, this is really very effective, same thing on the other side. Feeling that stretching on this side. I like to get in here, sit in the cart, and feel that same stretch right in here.
  • This is a little more lower spine and you are just pulling back, getting that resistance and doing the same thing on the other side, feeling it here and just pulling on it.

Those are just some quick stretches you can do in a golf cart. Try that before you tee off, it will pay off.

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