Yardstick Drill Helps Improve Putting Accuracy

By Katherine Marren

How a Yard Stick Helps Your Putting Pre-Shot Routine

It is not uncommon for new golfers to really struggle with their pre-shot routine in putting. They often are not very precise with it. For example I will not see the clubface very square to the line, their feet are not square and often do they not have the ball lined up with the sweet spot of the putter. By practicing with a yard stick you can really tighten your precision and routine out.

  • I am going to place this club right behind the yard stick so now the sweet spot is very easy to see.
  • I have the face perpendicular to the target line or square.
  • I have my feet parallel to the target line and I am really set up for success.
  • You can really bring this drill to the next level by actually practicing hitting balls off of the ruler and down the line.

I am going to set up, I can also see that my eyes are over the aim line which can be very helpful as well. I am going to hit the putt, I have hit it right down the line at the target. By using a yard stick to practicing your putting set up and stoke you can really start to make a lot of putts.

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