Four Steps to the Perfect Golf Backswing

By Laird Small

Perfect Your Golf Backswing

Here is an absolutely wonderful drill to get the perfect backswing every single time. This is great for juniors, people who are new to the game, those who over swing, it is just so easy to do. It will take you a little bit of practice time on the driving range but once you get it it will be fun to do and you will be able to hit the ball so well you will be absolutely floored by it.

My good friend Jim Flick showed me this one and it is called a four step drill.

  • After you take your address position here your first step is to raise the club up and gently put it on your shoulder.
  • Step two is to turn.
  • Step three is to raise your hands and arms up your shoulders.
  • Step four is to swing down and hit your golf ball.

Let me show you what it is going to look like from the side and I will show you some of the pit falls so that you do not develop any bad habits. After you take your address position step one is to stay in your posture and raise the club up and put it on your shoulder.

Mistake Golfers Make in the Backswing

Here is the mistake that most people make. As the club come up here they come up out of their stance. Now you are not going to be able to make a good golf swing because you will not be able to see the golf ball.

  • So, step one, raise the club up put it on your shoulder and stay in your posture.
  • Step two, turn.
  • Step three is gently raise the hands and arms up off your shoulder.
  • Step four is to hit your ball.

You would be surprised how well you can hit it. The first couple of times it is going to feel disjointed because you do not have the rhythm of the swing but after doing it a couple of times you are just going to nuke the golf ball.

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