How to Perfect the One-Piece Golf Takeaway

By Jim McLean

Improve Your Golf Takeaway

Many average golfers, weekend golfers, people who do not play that often, really have a problem with the takeaway. All kinds of problems. Sometimes they are too quick, other times they pick the club up. Here is a terrific little drill for anyone to improve their takeaway.

  • That is to put a tee in the vent hole of your golf grip.
  • Go to set up and you will see where that tee is pointed to the left side of my belt.
  • As I take the club away I am going to practice my takeaway and see if I can still have that tee pointed right at my belt line.
  • Right there. If I lift the club up, snatch it away to quick, this drill will really slow you down and give you an idea of what we call the one piece takeaway.

Most great players try to get that move right there, where the arms and shoulders take the club away without any independent quick writs breaking or getting too much speed in the beginning of your backswing.

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