Three Reasons for Fat Golf Shots

By Jim McLean

The Dreaded Fat Golf Shot

The fat shot, one of the worst shots in golf. You take the divot behind the ball, you finally strike the ball and you have no power left and it just dribbles a short distance. Once of the worst feeling you can ever have. Now that come from one of three mistakes.

  • Number one, you move too far back behind the ball and you just can not get back.
  • Number two, you release the club too soon on the downswing and chunk it.
  • Or number three, you dip and drop too far. So we have got to eliminate those mistakes.

Why Did I Hit a Fat Shot?

You have to go back and figure out or watch on video tape which of those mistakes you are making.

  • If you are fatting the golf ball make sure that you brace your right leg.
  • Number two, make sure that you are delaying that hit.
  • Number three make sure that you are not dropping too far down sinking with your knees as you come in to impact.

How to Stop Hitting Fat Golf Shots

Stay a little taller, brace the right leg and wait for that hip, get the hands more forward where you can strike the ground after the golf ball. To do that you can lay something down on the ground and practice hitting just in front of it. A simple thing would be to aim at a piece of grass, something on the ground, and practice just hitting that off the ground. When you take divots make sure that you are hitting the ground where you want to. If you see that you are hitting divots back here on your practice swing that is a pretty good indication of what is happening in your real swing. So again, stay nice and tall, brace up and go forward and you will catch the ball nice and clean. You will get rid of that fat shot and it will be gone forever.

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