Establish a Golf Practice Routine

Updated January 20, 2022

Loosen Up Before Hitting Long Golf Shots

When you start your practice session out at golf always take a sand wedge or a lob wedge out and start out hitting little shots to loosen up, learning to hit solid shots before you get into your long shots. But when you do that what I recommend is that number one you pick a target and just find something and start out with shorter shots and then progress to longer shots. If you look right over here there is a den caddy full of balls that we use in this practice bunker.

  1. I want to pick my target out.
  2. I want to know how far it is, so I look right here and I am about twelve yards away.

So, A) I have a target to hit to, B) I know my distance. I am now going to set up and start my practice session loosening up and trying to land my ball twelve yards away at my target.


Hit Repeatable Shots During Warmup

Part of your warmup is also building consistent repeatable shots right here. Not only are you loosening up but this is helping your short game get better. I might hit some low shots, some medium shots and some high shots of twelve yards just loosening my body up. What is nice about this is I am hitting to a target, I am getting target oriented. I can not tell you how many golfers when they go out and play golf they just start hitting a golf ball, they do not have a target to hit to, they do not know their distance.

Always Pick a Target

After I have hit a few balls there I might pick another target out. When I look down over there, there is another golf ball about 20 yards out over there. So, A) I have to pick a target, B) I know it is 20 yards. Now I am going to go a little longer back and through trying to hit it 20 yards. The goal is to land it 20 yards. That one I caught a little thin so I am going to hit one more for out. Just looking out there, that was a good one. Now I have a successful practice session of how I am starting out before I go to my long clubs.

Next time you go out and practice start out with a sand wedge, a lob wedge, maybe even a pitching wedge if you do not have a sand wedge, pick out some targets short and close around to you, know your distance and practice landing the ball at that distance. Then pick some longer distance, progressively getting longer, and I really feel you will be able to go for your full swing session and your short game is going to get better.