How to Get More Power on Your Golf Shot

How to Get More Power on Your Golf Shot

How to Hit the Golf Ball Farther

When I am giving students golf lessons I always ask them what they want to get accomplished in the lesson. One of the answers I always hear is that I want to hit the ball farther. We all want to hit the ball farther, it is a power game today. What I see with most golfers is that at impact they release the club early and at impact the clubhead is ahead of the handle, adding loft to the club, hitting it higher, not as much power on the golf ball, not hitting it as far.

Golf Distance Drills

A drill that you can do it take a pitching wedge or 9-iron, I have a 9-iron, and at impact I want to turn my 9-iron into an 8-iron. The way I do that is I am going to get the shaft leaning forward at impact. Most golfers turn their 9-iron into a pitching wedge, where their shaft is leaning backwards or back at impact adding loft on the club. I am going to give you three drills that you can do when you warm up, every time you warm up, and I promise you will hit the ball farther.

  • The first one is just hitting low chip shots. I am going to set up ball center and hands forward and just hit some low chip shots warming up. Probably about 10 yards and what I am trying to do is just hit down on the golf ball at a descending angle, feel the hands leading forward delofting this 9-iron and turning it into an 8-iron.
  • Then after that I am going to hit some pitch shots. Swinging a little longer back, a little longer through, with some body pivot, hitting low golf shots. I am gripping down on it, I am going to swing it a little longer back and a little longer through, hitting low shots. As I do this exercise now with this pitch shot I am letting my body rotate through, hitting a very low shot, learning to get the hands ahead of the clubhead at impact.
  • Then after that I am going to hit low knockdown shots. I am going to set up, grip down on the club and I am going to have a low finish, and I am going to hit it out there with a low trajectory so I am hitting low chip shots, low pitch shots and low punch shots. If I practice that way I am going to start to create an impact position where the clubs are ahead of the clubhead, flat wrist, turning my 9-iron into an 8-iron.

So if you can practice these three exercises every time you warm up I promise you will hit the golf ball much farther.

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Mike McGetrick heads the Mike McGetrick Golf Academy which is located in beautiful Denver, Colorado and features one of the most modern golf instruction facilities in the world. He is listed as one of Golf Magazine's Top 100 Teachers and Golf Digest's #7


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