Prepare for Every Golf Shot

Prepare for Every Golf Shot

Good Golfers Prepare for Every Shot

What separates the good golfer from the average golfer is preparation, how you prepare for the shot. When I watch Tour Players they have a plan for every shot. When I watch an average golfer they get up and hit a shot and after they hit it then they start thinking. They say, why didn't I play that more to the left and hit it a little harder. So I want to teach you how to prepare for every shot in golf.

Understand Your Golf Shot Before You Swing

Right now I have a chip shot, and when I am playing golf I do not just want to get up here and hit my chip shot, I want to learn, I want to understand this shot before I hit it.

  • What I am going to do is look at the lie of the golf ball, that will tell me what type of shot I am going to hit.
  • Then I am going to look at the green and see how much green I have to work with, how much carry I have, starting to develop the shot in my mind.
  • See how much break I have, is it uphill or downhill.

By doing this you are preparing yourself, you are creating a picture in your mind of what this shot is going to do. I know many of you when you play golf you hit a particular shot and then you hit a second shot. You usually hit the second shot better. That is because you know what it is going to do because you already had one rehearsal on the first shot.

Prepare for the Golf Shot Mentally and Physically

When you play golf prepare for every shot, both mentally and physically, think about what the shot is going to do. What club are you going to use. Then come up and take a practice stroke. Get a feel for the shot. How you want to hit it. Now you are ready to go so when I step up to this chip shot I know what type of shot I am going to hit. I know how long I am going to swing the club back and through. I am more ready to go. Now I am just going to trust the shot. I am going to set up to it, execute the shot. If you prepare of every shot before you hit it I promise you that you will play better golf and you will shoot lower golf scores.

About the Instructor
Mike McGetrick
Mike McGetrick
McGetrick Golf Academy
4900 Himalaya Road, Building Q
Denver, CO 80249
Tel: 303-799-0870

Mike McGetrick heads the Mike McGetrick Golf Academy which is located in beautiful Denver, Colorado and features one of the most modern golf instruction facilities in the world. He is listed as one of Golf Magazine's Top 100 Teachers and Golf Digest's #7


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