Golf Drills for Putting Under Pressure

By Mike McGetrick

Fundamental and Competitive Golf Practice

When you practice golf there are two types of practice, fundamental practice, where you work on your fundamentals, and competitive practice, where you practice like you play.

Putting Drill for Competitive Practice

I am going to share with you a putting drill for short putts that is more competitive practice, replicating a playing environment. I have four tees on the ground and how I have set this exercise up is I have taken my putter, which is 34 inches long, and added two inches. I have done that on the first leg, the second leg, the third leg and the fourth leg. The objective to this game is to set a ball up at the three foot, four foot and five-foot positions based on the tee I have put in the ground, and you are going to hit the three-foot putt, the four-foot putt and the five-foot putt and then you are going to do it on the next leg, the next leg and the next leg. One time around is twelve putts. You might want to go around two times. The objective is to pick a target score.

So if I go around one time I might pick a target score of 10 out of 12 putts that I have to make before I move on to another drill. So I am going to set up and hit the three-foot putt first, then I am going to move back and hit the four-foot putt, then I am going to move back and hit the five-foot putt. I missed one and now I can only miss one more for this exercise. Now what I am going to do is pick my three balls up, go to the next leg, the next leg and the next leg, get a total of those putts and now I am practicing more like I play.

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