Teaching Juniors the Swing Motion

Teaching Juniors the Swing Motion

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Here is a tip for you parents that want to help your kids become better golfers. The most important thing for these kids to learn is a golf swing. Today I have Kelly and Sammy Newbrough with me. Kelly is seven years old and Sammy is six years old. You are going to see something right here that they are more than capable of doing because what I do these kids at this age can imitate. So if you want to work with your kids here is the best way to do it as far as setting up a golf swing. In a second I am going to get in front of them and all I am going to get them in to four positions. Position one, we call this the elephant’s trunk with our thumbs up in the air. Position two (the top of the backswing), position three (impact) and position four (the finish). Those are the four positions that I need to get them in. Now you will notice that I did that left handed. I am going to do that when I get in front of them because they can see what I am doing and they can imitate what I do. So with that said, ladies if you are ready, put your feet together and put your clubs on the ground. How far are we going to spread our feet? They go under our? Shoulders. Here we go. Put your hands on your knees, now form that elephant’s trunk for me. Position number one, we are just going to put our thumbs up in the air. You guys ready. Here we go. Position one…..position two…..position three. Now watch my back foot, position four. To make sure we are doing it properly what do we do with our back toe…tap, tap, tap. That makes sure all the weight is shifted to our front leg. Position one…..position two…..position three….position four. Now we are going to change it a little bit. We are going to go position one….position two… and then what. Three four (straight through). Here we go. Position one…..position two…..three four. Position one…..position two…..three four. Now I am going to have you kids pick up your clubs, turn your clubs over, put the head of your golf clubs on the ground. Now we are going to point our thumbs down towards the ground. Do our thumbs go on top or the side of the golf club? On the sides, OK. Here is what we are going to do. Position one…..position two…..position three….position four. Club all the way down on our back and up on our back toe. How do we check ourselves? We scratch our backs and we tap our back toes. Position one…..position two…..position three….position four. Now we are going to go position one…..position two…..three four. Here we go, make sure you hang on to these clubs. Position one…..position two…..three four. Big circle. Position one…..position two, now get ready to make a big circle, stand up on your back toe,…..three four. Now hold that position. You guys are looking great. Great job kids. Now for those parents out there as you notice these kids can imitate what I do. This is the biggest thing that you can do for your kids. The earlier that you start them and get this golf swing going with the four positions the better your kids are going to become as golfers.

About the Instructor
Ty Andersen
Ty Andersen
Director, The Ty Andersen Golf Academy
Highland Oaks Golf Course
904 Royal Parkway
Dothan, Alabama 36305
Phone: 239-272-7086
E-mail: TyPgaPro(at)aol.com

Ty Andersen serves as Director of Instruction at The Ty Andersen Golf Academy, and has been named one of the Top 50 Kids Teachers by the US Kids Golf Company. He has developed seven different teaching programs that are registered with the PGA.


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