Hula Hoop (or Alignment Stick) Drill to Understand Golf Swing Plane

Updated September 6, 2022
blured golfer makes swing on plane
    blured golfer makes swing on plane
    Paul Bradbury
    Getty Image license

Do you want to make your misses narrower with all your shots? Check this out, I have two hula hoops at a precise angle, which is the same angle that the club would be at address. You can also use alignment sticks to do this drill. Guess what your job is? It is to swing the club between those two hula hoops and not hit them. Then the club would be staying on plane or on its path.

Keep Your Golf Swing on Plane - Hula Hoop Drill

Let me show you what it looks like.

  • As I set up you can see how the club is parallel to the two hula hoops here.
  • As I swing the club back you can see that it stays parallel going back and when the head of the club is pointing straight up it stays at the same angle as the hula hoops. It is not in front or behind the hula hoops. You can see at the top of the backswing the club has the same reciprocal angle.
  • On the downswing guess what I want to do? Let is swing right back down through the two hula hoops. Then you can see that the angle stays the same through the release and follow through.
  • If I swing all the way back to the finish and allow the club to fall down my back it stays nice and parallel to the hoops.

Control Your Golf Shots with Consistency

This is what golfers who control their balls with all their golf clubs do consistently. It is when we get off kilter to these hula hoops that we get in trouble. Let me show you with a shot. The ball went right down my target line. Work on this, set it up on the range, you will be surprised how good you get in a short amount of time.