Golf Swing Tips on How to Hit an Intentional Hook or Slice

By Laird Small

Master Specialty Shots to Improve Your Golf Game

Here we are at the beautiful eighteenth at Pebble Beach and we have a shot that a lot of the tour players face. After they have driven it safely off the tee this is what they are faced with. You can't hit it over the tree because it is too close and would leave you too long a shot into the green. So we are going to intentionally curve the ball around the tree. This shot is no picnic but here is a way to do it every single time correctly. If I go to the left and I do not turn the ball back then the ball is in the ocean. On the right is not a picnic either because I have out of bounds over here so if I start if off to the right and I do not curve back I am out of bounds. Let's show you how to do this exactly every single time.

Point the Clubface to Your Target

Here is the first step to it. Number one, is I want to see the clubface to point where I want the ball to end up. It is a little scary to look like you are going to hit it into the tree but you actually will not because we are going to start the ball off left of it. I am going to use this shaft here as an indicator and I am going to point it to the left where I would like the ball to start off.

Orient Your Golf Stance

This is where I am going to orient my stance to. I orient my stance here and I make sure I swing my arms and club along my stance line. The ball will take off to the left but because the clubface was pointed to where I would like the ball to end up we are going to get some sidespin and the ball will curve back into the target area. The only mistake that you would make would be this, when you adjust your stance you also adjust your clubface to go along with where your new stance line is. Make sure that you have the clubface pointed to where you would like the ball to end up. Now very gently move around to the left, take your grip, and when you hare hitting your shot I am going to add just a little bit more grip pressure to the right hand against the left to keep that clubface a little more open through the shot.

Let's take a look at it with a shot. The ball curved around to the right and I am okay with that. How about a hook. It will be just the opposite. Where would like the ball to end, that is where the clubface is going to get pointed to. Where do I want I want it to start off, which will be a little more to the right. Here is my new stance line, you can see that the clubface is closed to that and I am going to make my regular swing. See the ball had a nice little draw to hit. Here is what is going to happen. When you hit your fade the ball will tend to go a little bit higher, when you hit your hook it is going to go a little bit lower. You may want to adjust the loft of your club or choose a different club to be able to hit those shots. Give this a try first on the driving range so that you can learn to intentionally manipulate the ball. Then when you are on the golf course you will have some shots that other people don't have.

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