How to Find the Best Golf Ball Position for Your Club

By Laird Small

Find the Correct Golf Ball Position

Benchmarking the basics. Finding the correct ball position for you. There is always a huge debate, should we move the ball in our stance based on the club we are hitting or do you keep the ball in the same location for all your shots. Let me show you what the manufacturer has intended for you and then you can make your own decision based on that.

Club Shaft Suggests Golf Ball Position

Here is have my sand wedge. When this club is presented on the ground the way that it was designed to be applied to the ball you can see that the club shaft is leaning forward. Now when I get my 5-iron here and place that on the ground in the way that the manufacturer intended it also leans forward but not as much as the sand wedge. When I get my driver you can see here that the shaft is actually behind the hitting surface. What that starts to tell you is that perhaps the ball location should move around in the stance.

Try This Golf Stance Setup

To get the ball location correct in your stance let's go back and take a look at what our posture was from a set up stand point from a face on position. As we reviewed in that we wanted to have our hands in the middle of our body and we want a slight tilt back with our left hip joint because the right hand is lower on the club. What that does is move my hands forward at address so that my hands are slightly in front of my belly button but not forward of my left hip joint. What I want to be able to do in the golf swing is get my hands in the correct position every time so my hands are going to be in this position for all of my shots. To do that and have the club presented to the ball presented to the ball properly the way the manufacturer intended, there are my hands and that is where my sand wedge should be played.

If I get my 5-iron here is where the manufacturer intended that to be played. If I get my driver here you can see where the manufacturer intended it to be played. So if we can get our hands correct in our stance based on our posture so our hands our going to be slightly forward of center in the same place every time the golf club will come to our hands so that we can play the ball in a different position in our stance every single time and get it right for our basic shots. Now this ball location may change for you based on the shot you have to hit, uphill shot, downhill shot, those types of things, but at least you have a basic understanding of where the ball should be played in your stance based upon the shot you are going to play with the instrument you are going to play. The manufacturer has done all the work for you. Allow that to work for you.

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