How to Fix Golf Push Shots

By Sandy LaBauve

A lot of women complain about hitting a weak-right shot. Let's talk about what causes that and I will give you a drill on how to fix that pretty fast.

Why is My Golf Shot Falling to the Right?

First of all, a shot that is peeling off to the right, and I am not talking about a big slice that starts left and peels, I am talking about one of those shots that starts straight and falls off to the right and loses a lot of distance. Here's why:

  • That shot has a very open face at impact. When I say that I mean that the clubface is open to the right as it is traveling down the line.
  • The other thing that is probably happening is that there is a swing shape error, an error where you are probably swinging too much on the line. When is say that, as women a lot of things that we have done in our lives are linear, we walk, we shop, jog, moving in a linear way. So we see a target out there and we thing that we must swing to the target. In essence what we are really trying to do is swing on an arc, we have to get comfortable with that feel. If your swing gets on a straight line and makes a swing where it is very up and down that way the clubface does not want to rotate, the face always wants to stay open and thus we get that weak right shot with no body in the hit and no power.

Checklist to Fix Golf Push Shots

  1. Check your grip. If it gets in the palm that will promote an open face. Make sure that your hand is rotated enough so that it is down in your fingers and your left hand is turned over so that the line between your thumb and forefinger is pointed at your bra strap. Left hand grip in the fingers and hand rotated.
  2. The second thing I want you to do is to hit some balls with a very closed stance. It feels kind of weird but it works wonderfully. Get yourself set up on a normal position, turn your front foot in and then take your back foot and drop it back behind you. I still want you to have square shoulders and a square face, I do not want everything pointed to the right, just the line created from your back foot to your front foot. Your goal here is to make sure that your hands and arms work back to the left.

Golf Push Shot Drill

This drill will help you do a variety of things. Number one, it will help you swing to the inside on the backswing. Number two, it will help your arms feel like they are passing your body, you can feel the forearm rotation as you are doing the drill. I really want you to feel like you are intentionally trying to hit a hook shot. Let’s try one.

The ball should go a little lower than normal, it should curve from right to left. Once you get to the point where you are hitting the ball left doing the drill then you might wean yourself off, hit one with the drill, one normal. Make sure that when you are hitting that you feel the same thing you felt when you swung during the drill. It also calms your hips a bit if you are a person who tends to move them and slide out to the left. It helps your arms feel like they are passing your body. Get your core, get your arms into the shot. Your body is still in the hit because of the position of your body, not because you are thrusting or shoving it.

Practice these little drills, get rid of that right shot before you play, the ball will go so much further on the golf course and you are going to have less club into the green.

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