Practice Your Golf Swing at Home

Practice Your Golf Swing at Home

Practice Your Golf Game at Home

I know how busy we all are so I want you to practice as much as you can at home so that you do better when you go to the golf course. You can practice so many aspects of your golf game at home.

Golf Grip

One thing you can do is work on your grip. You can practice while you are watching TV, sit on the sofa, put your hands on the golf club, check them up here, use the routine I was talking about. Make sure the face is square, use the visual check points. Then when the show comes on just lower your hands and keep gripping. Feel it, you want to connect what you feel with what you see. Sometimes it helps to do it the wrong way and feel the difference, that way you own your grip.


You can practice your posture in front of a mirror. What you see and what you feel are so different often times. When you do that go ahead and practice the step and bow and look in the mirror and just take the dangle test where your arms are hanging from your shoulders. When you look in the mirror you may feel like you are a little bent over but you see a picture that looks athletic, that is just what we want.

Arm Swing

You can practice your arm swing in your backyard or in your house if you have tall ceilings because I want you to swing above the ground. When you swing you are going to suspend the club up in the air about twelve to eighteen inches and swing and swish. When I am swinging and swishing I am trying to hear the swish past the ball, that way I am moving through the shot not just to the shot. I certainly do not want to swish back behind the ball, I want to feel like it is all the way through the shot. This also promotes a good swing shape, even people who have not played a lot of baseball or softball like women, what happens is that you tend to round out your swing when you swing above the ground. Most people, even when they have not had baseball experience do not make swings going up and back when they are making swings above the ground, and yet they think a golf ball can be hit that way. So practice your swing shape, this is wonderful, the swing and swish.

Golf Pivot

Finally you can work on your pivot. This is a great exercise that I am going to show you that you can use as a warm up drill, you can also just do it at home. Merely put your club behind your back and in your elbows, parallel to the ground, bend over from your hips and practice winding and unwinding while you stay in your posture. I am bending, winding, unwinding. I like to teach a lot with sound effects so I will put my right hand that is by the grip of the club and I just wind up and whack coming trough. That is helping me get the sense of moving through the shot, turning my core into the shot so that my arms can easily fly over to the left. It helps me get to my left side.

Ready to Play

Practicing at home is so helpful for you because you can get to the golf course and just hit a few shots to warm up and your muscles are already in tune with what they need to do. I can not stress enough, do as much as you can before you get to the course.

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