How to Set Up for a One-Plane Golf Swing

By Sandy LaBauve

Using a good set-up routine is really important in your golf swing, especially if you have a one-plane golf swing.

One-Plane Golf Swing Setup

In a one-plane swing, you are more bent over and that might feel a little different to you if you are used to standing a little bit more upright. The routine I like to use is one where you make a rehearsal swing behind the ball. This is great because you can see your target line, you can gather your swing thoughts and just feel your golf swing.

Steps to a Good Golf Swing Rehearsal

  1. Double check your grip and walk in from the side.
  2. Take your right foot, step into the ball and bow from the hips. When I do this my weight is nicely balanced on the ball of my foot. I do not want to change this or change my weight distribution when I am taking my stance.
  3. The last thing I do is just put my feet below my shoulders. I never settle back on my heels. I only add as much knee bend as I have to, based on the height and the length of my arms.

Golf Swing Rehearsal Overview

Get your grip on there, then use a step and bow. Step with the right, bow with the hips, and then establish your stance. If you use this routine you will get in the proper posture and be more consistent. Practice this routine in front of a mirror or use your shadow if you are outside.

Consistency is Key

The key with the golf setup routine is doing the same thing every time. In a one-plane golf swing, when your arms are working across your body, it is imperative that you are bent over or get bent over at impact in order for you to find the ground. Using this routine just might help you do it every time.

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