Golf Swing Tips: What to Focus on to Improve Your Game

By Denis Pugh

Coming out onto the golf course and leaving the practice tee behind us, it is very important to understand when we are putting it all together is that the swing motion is key. And to help that swing motion it has helped me and many golfers over the years to have one simple thought as you step onto the golf course and to try to keep that thought in your mind the whole day.

A Swing Key For a Day

It is a simple key. It is a key for the day. Let me give you a few for me that have worked over the years.

  • The first one is in grip. As I set up to the ball I like to feel the weight of the club on the forefinger of my right hand, and then during the swing I feel the pressure of the club at the forefinger at the top and it tells me that I have completed the backswing. Let me show you what it looks like. Other keys have worked for me and other golfers. There is no end to the varieties of keys that you can use.
  • Let's look at another one from the address position. Setting up over the ball and feeling that there is no tension at all in your neck muscles and maintaining that feeling throughout the swing can give you the feeling that you are able to use your body without tension and therefore without restriction to the motion. Let's see how this feels for me today.
  • How about a key on how to start the swing. As you stand over the ball sometimes you can be confused. What is a good thought to have in your mind when you want to start the swing? Well a good thought is that it starts from the left shoulder. Just by focusing on that little movement of the left shoulder away from the ball you can ensure that you get off to a good start.
  • Let's have a key now for balance. A big key for my thinking of how to use good balance in the swing is to think about not moving the left knee during the backswing to provide some resistance in the left knee as you progress through the backswing. So let's use that as a key.
  • I have already spoken about swing plane. What would be a simple thought for swing plane? Swing your arms over the right shoulder in the backswing and over the left shoulder in the through swing is a very simple thought and one that can work on the golf course. There is literally no end of swing keys that you can think of.

I am sure that if it works within the focus of a swing map, it is going to help you play better golf when you go on the golf course next time. But remember, many of these swing keys do not work if you keep using them, so be prepared to rotate around the swing map.

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