Golf Swing Practice Drills to Improve All Aspects of Your Full Swing

By Sandy LaBauve

So whether you are a new golfer or someone just coming back to the game. Here’s our goal for full swing. You have to get where you’re hitting the golf ball on the first attempt, say, 95 percent of the time. To do that you need some strong fundamentals. You have to have a grip that you feel comfortable with, practice getting that club in your fingers for full swing.

5 Practice Fundamentals to Become a Better Golfer

  • Practice a good routine where you put that left hand on and slide that right one down.
  • Practice your posture in front of the mirror, bow and flex. You could do this at home and get very comfortable with a good setup.
  • Practice your arm swing, make it nice and free but make it work with your body. Get that club to work up above your right shoulder and up above your left.
  • Practice swinging with a head cover.
  • Practice using your body so you get the distance that you need.

You need to move into the left side and get that weight shifting through so you get some power into the shot, and by all means, get where you have a good finish because that’s your report card. Remember that finish position. You should be able to hold the pose almost until the ball lands. When you practice you could do this at home in your back yard. Swing your club, 25, 50 times a night. You’ll build some consistency.

Become a More Consistent Golfer

Try to make a feeling like you’re doing the same thing each time. When you go to the range hit balls rapid fire, tee up maybe five or six balls in a row and just hit one right after another. Just trying to feel like you’re doing the same thing. Keep your expectations in line. When you start off playing golf, you want to get where you can hit the tee every time on the first attempt. Now put a ball on a tee, and try to hit that. Try to make contact where you can at least make the ball go.

Set Practice Goals to Improve Your Golf Game

Then try to make the golf ball go airborne. Then try finally to make that ball go to a target. A good test is to use 10 balls and see how many out of 10 you can hit your target with. If you’re using a short iron like a pitching wedge or 9-iron, your target can be smaller. If you’re using a wood, your target should be much wider, much like a fairway width. See how many out of 10 you can hit the ball down in the fairway. They won’t all get up in the air, but that’s OK. You can play a lot of golf just by getting your golf ball to advance and making contact. Have some fun with this game and work on your fundamentals. It’s a game you can play for the rest of your life.

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