Fix Low Golf Shots with Correct Weight Distribution

By Chuck Cook

Are You Shifting Your Weight Back?

For those of you who hit the ball too low, you might be setting up perfectly, you might have the ball in the right position, but in the backswing you are actually reversing your weight shift and putting more weight on your left foot. When you come into impact you are too far in front of the ball, therefore, the handle is too far in front of the ball, de-lofting the club making the shot go too low. What you would like to have happen is that as you set up your spine should be in a fixed position and you rotate around that, therefore, putting all of your weight behind the ball.

Shadow Drill

A wonderful drill to get you the correct feeling of turning behind the ball is the shadow drill.

  1. What I would like you to do is set up with the sun behind you so that you are facing your shadow.
  2. Then put a club down on the ground on your shadow to represent your spine.
  3. Then you just take your set up position and make your backswing trying to get all your weight behind that shaft.


As you can see when I do this, all my weight is behind the shaft and my spine is still located on that shaft on the ground. As you turn you can see your shadow move behind the shaft on the ground. This is the best way that I know to try to give you the feeling of turning behind the ball correctly to get that ball higher in the air.

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