Sweet Spot of the Putter

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Sweet Spot of the Putter
Category: Putting

Video Transcript

Video Golf Tip | Sweet Spot of the Putter

I'm sure everyone who has played sports appreciates the importance of hitting the ball in the middle of the bat if you are playing baseball, racket if you are playing tennis and golf club if you are playing golf. A lot of golfers do not appreciate how this rule still applies to putting as well. If you do not hit the ball in the middle of the putter then the putterface will twist. If you make contact with the toe then the face will twist open and if I make contact with the heel then the face will twist closed. If you make contact in the middle of the putter then the face will stay square. Also the speed that the ball comes off the face will be much more consistent if you hit it in the middle. A few years ago when Stuart Appleby was playing on the Nike Tour, he rang me and said that the ball was rolling like an egg on the green. What I got him to do was take some scotch tape and tape two match sticks about an inch apart on the face of his putter and then practice hitting putts until he could hit balls on the middle of the putter. A week later he went out and shot 18 under par and won the Sonoma Open. So a simple device and drill like that which you can do yourself will obviously help you to improve your contact with the middle of your putter. Since then I have developed this Sweet Spot Indicator which tapers out to a small protruding disk that is a very small area and unless you make perfect contact with the middle of the ball it will veer off sideways to either the left or the right. Let me demonstrate that. I am first going to hit a putt out on the toe and as I do this the Sweet Spot Indicator shoots the ball off to the right. As I hit a putt out to the heel the Sweet Spot Indicator sends the ball out to the left. On the last one I am concentrating on the center disk of the Sweet Spot Indicator and making contact perfectly with the back of the ball, the putter face does not twist and the ball goes perfectly into the back of the hole. Look for this product on my instructor aisle in GolfSpan.com. It will definitely help you to hit more putts in the middle of the putter and that means more putts going in.

About the Instructor
Steven  Bann
Steven  Bann
385 Centre Dandenong Road
Victoria Australia 3202
Tel: 61 3 9558 3688

Steven Bann is director of the Pure Golf Academy in Australia and instructor to PGA Tour Pros Stuart Appleby, Robert Allenby, and K.J. Choi.


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