Philosophy: Ramsay McMaster

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Philosophy: Ramsay McMaster
Category: Psychology
Sub-Category: Fitness, Swing Mechanics

Video Transcript

Video Golf Tip | Philosophy: Ramsay McMaster

Hello, my name is Ramsay McMaster and I am a golf-specific physiotherapist. I have with me today Denis McDade, one of the leading coaches in the world. He is the head coach at the Victorian Institute of Sport in Melbourne. The institute has produced great players such as Stuart Appleby, Robert Allenby, Geoff Ogilvy, Steve Allan just to mention a few. We are fortunate enough today to be here at the Golf Excellence International Center here in Los Angeles. I think that is where golf is going. We actually see the bio-mechanical unit here, the physical therapy unit, the physiological testing they have here really is the way golf is going. It is becoming far more of a sport science. Our view is that we want to progress that way but we want to make sure that the information you are given is specific to you and easily digestible. The concept that we are trying to get you to understand is how your body works with your golf swing. I want to emphasize that again: How “your” body works with “your” golf swing. I am going to cross over to Denis now and we are going to talk about how we are trying to integrate the golf swing with the golf body. I think it is fairly well known by regular players that there are certain misconceptions that can create poor patters within the golf swing. I think what is less understood are some of the areas of physical dysfunction within the body that also have an effect on the way the club works. As you look at some of the clips and tips that Ramsay and I have put together and some of the exercises, bear in mind that what we are looking at here are possible areas of dysfunction that are having a direct effect on technique. They may well be causing problems in your golf swing together with misconceptions. So we are going to concentrate on this series of tips on the actual physiological root of the problem. I think it is also important that we are trying to give you golf specific exercises rather than generic exercises like going down to the gym and doing the same old, same old. We are really trying to give you exercises that will enhance the pattern you are trying to achieve in your golf swing. I would probably even take that one step further in that given that a golfer may understand or may have sorted out any misconceptions that are possible in the swing, it may actually be impossible to achieve, or at the very least, sustain the technical improvements that your coach has you working on. Once again, that may very well have its roots in your physiology. It is an area that more and more golf pros are addressing. They are starting to integrate their service with the services of a physical therapist and getting some great outcomes for their clients. Also Denis, it is prolonging the longevity of a golfer. You want to be able to score 79 when you are 79 and keeping people playing golf is just as essential as playing golf well.

About the Instructor
Ramsay McMaster
Ramsay McMaster
The Melbourne Golf Injury Clinic
1100 Dandenong Road
Carnegie, VIC 3163
Melbourne, Australia

Ramsay McMaster is Director of the Melbourne Golf Injury Clinic and serves as a fitness consultant to PGA Tour Pros around the world. He is also the author of Get Fit for Golf and Training for Golf.


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