Get More Control in Your Golf Game With the Short One Plane Swing

By Mike LaBauve

I have a great tip for you to try to shorten your swing. There are a lot golfers that complain about getting too long and casting from the top, and if you are swinging too much up and down it is very easy to get too long. You can see if I take my arms straight back I can almost put my club straight down my back if I wanted to. So here is what I want you to do.

5 Tips for a Short One-Piece Swing

  • Standing straight up and holding your club straight out in front of you take your club and swing it level to the ground.
  • Now if you swing it around you, you will notice that you run right into your body.
  • You can not swing it back and farther than that. If I turn and face you this is as far as I can go back, I have made a 90-degree turn and this is as far as I can swing my arms back, they will not go any farther.
  • From there if you bend over a little bit I will still be up against my body.
  • So swing your arms around on the backswing side, swing them around on the follow-through side and you will not believe how much shorter you will feel.

You will feel like you are making a half swing. But that is as far as the arms will go and you will have plenty of power and much more consistency from there. Give it a try.

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