Max-Spin Short Sand Shots

Max-Spin Short Sand Shots

Got a tricky little shot here, don’t have a lot of green to work with, and I have to make the ball stop real quick. Here we go. We need to be able to present the clubface as it is going underneath the ball in a flatter position, handle angled backwards, so that the club has more loft and the ball will go up higher. The second thing we need is some speed when going underneath it so that the ball can travel all the way to the target area. In presenting our golf club to the ball we want to see if we can actually lean the handle back, which gives us more loft. Here is why that is so important; it gives us a larger effective hitting area. So when I look at the golf club held regularly here is my effective hitting area, now by leaning the handle back I get more loft but I also have the entire clubface to hit the ball. What a lot of players tend to do is they get the clubface where they want it with the handle leaning back and then they open the clubface. By opening the clubface I have now minimized my effective hitting area, I have not gained any loft, but I have made the hitting area smaller. I have also introduced the hosel of the golf club, which is pretty dangerous in a shot like this. So the set up can really help you be successful in this shot. Next I want all my weight on my left side. My left ankle joint, left knee, left hip, left shoulder I am hanging out over here. I don’t want to be back on my right side because that helps me to hit too far back into the sand and I will never get the performance I need out of the golf ball. Here is the secret to the shot; it is a double cup shot. Here is how you do it. When you take your address, handle is leaning back, now when I swing back I am going to hinge my wrists up as soon as I can in this manner here, producing a cup into my left wrist. When I do that I have increased the loft of the golf club on the backswing. On the forward-swing as the club comes into the ball here I now want to create a second cup on the forward side in my wrist right over here. That gives me the speed and the loft under the ball to send it up nice and high. Let’s take a look at the shot. Give this a little bit of practice before you put it on the golf course, I know it will save you some shots and it certainly will impress your friends.

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Laird Small is Director of The Pebble Beach Golf Academy and is listed as one of Golf Magazine's Top 100 Teachers and Golf Digest's #23 instructor in the world.


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