3 Simple Rules for Perfect Chipping

By Laird Small

With short chips around the green the most important aspect is solid consistent contact. If the ball comes off the clubface the same way each time you are going to be able to predict your distances each time and how much that ball rolls out. If the club comes in a little differently and you make your contact in different parts of the club you are not going to get a consistent shot, a consistent spin, so it is going to be hard for you to become good at any of these areas of play.

Simple Tips to Improve Your Chip Shot

Here is a great little tip that should help you improve your technique around the green. Most players when they are hitting this shot here they are changing their radius somehow. So as the come in to it they are trying to maybe help the ball up in the air or they are trying to lift the ball up with their body posture and positioning as they come through the shot.

Here are several things that you need to employ in your shot to make it more consistent. Number one, make sure that your left arm, or your lead arm, is very straight. Not rigid or locked, just straight. Because what happens is if this arm stays the same distance each time you are going to have the same lever coming down into the turf every time.

Proper Stance for Chipping

What happens is that we change that and by changing that the club is now being presented to the ball differently. We want to have our weight on to our forward leg. Now what a lot of players will do is they will have their weight on their forward leg, their eyes are looking almost in front of the golf ball, that is what the successful chippers do, but you will sometimes see players with their weight on the left side but their head is back and looking behind the ball.

Now my low point is behind the ball and I am going to hit back there consistently. So when you are taking your set up make sure that your weight is on your forward leg but you are looking back with your eyes in front of the golf ball. You might feel like your left shoulder is a little bit lower than your right, which is fine.

The Correct Club Position for Chipping

Now here is the last part of this. Make sure that the golf club is suspended slightly above the grass. By doing that you have set up a radius where the club will return back to that same point and will actually have its low point under the golf ball. To practice this, take your set up, take your trail hand off the club, and make a few swings just with your left arm, allowing the club to bottom out or brush right where the ball would be.

This is going to give you a feel for what we want to accomplish on this swing. Now place your right hand on there and do the same thing. You will find that you will start to get consistent, repeatable contact which will greatly improve your ability to gauge how far you are going to hit your shot, how much it is going to roll out and how much it is going to spin. It will greatly lower your scores. Give it a try.

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