The 2 Most Common Backswing Mistakes (and How to Fix Them)

By John Webster

Hello, my name is John Webster, Master Instructor with the Jim McLean Golf School at Doral Resort and Spa. Many of the students that we see in our golf school lose power in their golf swing before they ever get to the golf ball.

2 Biggest Backswing Mistakes

Two common errors we see in an improper backswing:

  1. One would be a shortening of the arms where both arms bend and the club is very close to your shoulder.
  2. The second problem we see at the top is a breakdown, curve or the cupping of the left wrist. This puts the clubface into an open position.

Proper Backswing Position

The proper position would be with the arms extended and the left wrist flat and the arms out away from the shoulder, a much stronger position to get into before you get the club back to the ball. I think if you try this you will gain a few extra yards and probably more consistent golf shots.

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About the Instructor

John Webster
John Webster
The Breakers
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Palm Beach, FL 33480
A PGA member since 1995 and PGA Class-A Teaching Professional, John Webster has instructed all skill levels, from beginners to PGA Tour professionals with notable students such as Cal Ripken, Tom Kite, Candy Hannemann and Kyle Boller and continues to offer corporate clinics with such players as Hal Sutton and Gary Player. John spent eight years teaching at the Jim McLean Golf School at Doral Golf Resort & Spa in Miami and currently is Director of Golf Instruction at The Breakers Golf Academy in Palm Beach, Fla.