An Easy Way to Monitor Your Grip Pressure

By Jim McLean

I'm going to talk to you about grip pressure, something that's very overlooked by most people. When you look at a golfer hold a golf club you really have no idea if they're holding it light, medium or tight. Plus those are very abstract terms. In the late 80's, I came up with an idea of monitoring or measuring grip pressure.

Grip Pressure Scale

I used a one to 10 scale. Now I see a lot of other professionals doing the same thing. It's a great way to determine how tight you're holding the golf club. Now it's important to understand where you hold it a little firmer or where the pressure points are and I'm going to point that out to you.

Pressure Points in Your Grip

They're the back three fingers of your left hand, here

  • It's the connection between the cavity or valley
  • The lifeline of your right hand and your left thumb, right there
  • It's the middle two fingers of your right hand, that's really the points where you hold the golf club.

We don't want to press down on that right thumb or with our right forefinger. That would be the wrong place to place pressure because that activates the top tendon in your right forearm, which you do not want. You want the underneath area of the arm activated. So when you hold the club, those are the places that you sense pressure.

How Tight Should You Hold the Club?

Well the way I do is you have people hold the club up in the air and then grip the club as light as they can. Almost so light that it would drop between their fingers. That would be a one, unbelievably light.

If you held the club out at one like that it would almost drop to the ground. Incredibly light. From there we work our way up two, three, four, five to what we feel is a mid pressure, then work your way back down four, three, two, one.

Avoid Tension in Your Grip

You'll easily sense five different group pressures right there. Then we increase, we go from one to five and then work our way up to 10 which is would be as tight as you can grip it. So we go six, seven, eight, nine, 10, now 10 we get the white knuckle grip and we get the grip where we're super nervous, super tight. We've got a lot of tension up through our arms into our shoulders. That's a place we can't play golf.

I don't want to see you up at eight, nine, or 10 ever. I'd like you to be playing your golf at around three, four, or five. Most amateurs coming through our golf schools are gripping the club way too tight. So we're almost always reducing grip pressure. If you err, make it on the light end. The top players in the world have a lot of sensitivity to the clubhead. The only way you get that is by having the proper grip pressure.

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