How to Hit Out of a Buried Lie in the Bunker

By Jim McLean

The buried lie. This shot is so much easier than people realize, but it's all in how you set-up. Don't make the mistake of playing this like a normal bunker shot, actually we change everything. By that I mean, we now grip the club much firmer and we also play the ball much further back in our stance.

Secrets for Hitting Buried Lie Shots

The surprising thing about the buried lie shot is that you don't have to swing nearly as hard as you think. The ball's going to come out pretty quick. So here are a couple of other tips.

  • I put my weight quite a bit on my left leg.
  • I lean the shaft quite a bit forward towards the target.
  • I toe the club in.
  • I play the ball back in my stance, now to me this is a sort of chop stroke.
  • I don't rush that backswing but I get my club up and then pull it down with much more less side action.

My normal bunker shot has a lot more right side release; this has more left side pull.So, when you come down feel like you pull your left arm down and you drive the club underneath the golf ball. Remember that ball is underneath the sand so we've got to dig under.

As we hit down I just hold my finish quite short. Remember you don't have to swing that hard. I also use a pretty narrow stance for this so that I can stay very steady. I aim at a spot about an inch behind the golf ball. The ball will come out very easy, if you set-up correctly for the buried lie

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