Proper Alignment for Address in Golf

By Jack Lumpkin

Aiming is an early part of your pre swing routine. Here we have the target line painted on the ground, pretty easy, but did you that know your target line is painted on the ground every time on the golf course, it's just painted green and it's your job to find it. Without these white lines I can use a divot that happens to be in front of the ball and use that divot as a gauge to establish my target line.

How to Establish Your Aiming Point

There is usually something there, a discolored piece of grass, a weed, a divot or something that you can aim over, that is your aiming point. Now once I do that, after taking my grip, the first thing I want to do is make sure the club is square to me.Square to me is where that leading edge is vertical just like my spine.

Pre-Shot Routine for Correct Aim

Then as I go into my routine my first step as I step forward is to measure off and aim that club squarely down that target line. Now the next and last step is to bring the body back square to the clubface.So if you want to learn to aim correctly:

  1. Square to you - you want that club square to you
  2. You want that club square to the target
  3. You want to come back square to the target line so that the body is facing it. If you do that the aim will be less of a problem and you will find yourself starting from a more consistent position.

Remember: (1) square to me; (2) square to the target; (3) square to me.

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