How to Mark a Golf Ball to Improve Your Putting

By John Elliott, Jr.

You know in golf there are a lot of different ways of marking the golf ball, but here on the putting green, there are so few constants and so many variables. The variables are the slope of the green, the distance of your ball to the hole or the pin, the stroke itself, but the biggest variable in putting is alignment.

A Tool to Improve Your Putting Alignment

So what I would like to do is show you something that is extremely popular at the highest level of golf these days, a little tool called “Line 'Em Up.” It works; it is to help you draw a line on the golf ball. So watch.

  • I take my magic marker, I take my ball, I take my Line 'Em Up and I simply slide it onto the ball in whatever area I like and then I use the marker to draw my favorite color line, which is red, partially because it shows up so well.
  • Now while I stay here to get this ball set up I am not guessing at the line, I am actually controlling that line.
  • Once I put the ball down it is a must that I come back behind the ball.
  • Double check it from behind and relatively down low, and simply say is that good or is it bad. If it is bad go do it again.

Fixing Directional Concern in Putting

If it is good now we just walk back in pick up our coin, put it in our pocket, take our putter out, aim it right where the line is going, and then from there you have totally taken care of direction. There is no more directional concern anymore so you can totally focus on distance. For those of you that would like to use this and use it as the mark on your ball out on the golf course, when you are using your magic marker just put a couple of dots at each end.

So you tell your friends I have a line with two dots at each end; that is my mark today. Or it can be three, five, seven or nine. It does not really matter, the point is that this can be used for so many different things but it is the only constant in putting. Once it is aimed correctly you know where you are going, and that is such a relief mentally. Take advantage of it because none of us can make too many putts, right.

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