Proper Golf Swing Mechanics to Hit the Driver with Power

By Jimmy Ballard

People ask us all the time about how to hit their driver, they can’t hit their driver. They hit all their other clubs well but they can not hit their driver and they do not hit their 2-iron that well either. What you have to realize is that as soon as you go to the longer clubs like a driver, 2-iron or 3-iron the first thing those clubs suggest is to hit it hard, and to hit it hard everyone creates a lot of tension.

Do You Have Tension in Your Driver Golf Swing?

Let me give you a simple explanation of this. If you had to hit someone hard, suppose someone was coming after you and for your life you had to take them out. Would you get your arms straight and stiff, out away from your body to hit them? Or would you put your arms up against your body in a relaxed position ready to move? Which would be stronger Obviously the second motion would be stronger.

I could hit that person coming after me with all the strength of my body using all the big muscles. From the stiff-rigid position I could not hit them hard; all I could hit them with is a glancing blow, which might hurt them but not bad.

How is Power Created in the Golf Swing?

So the whole point is power is created through connection and from getting your arms on your body where they should be not stiff and away from your body where you can not hit something hard. We try to make people understand that whether it is the driver or a wedge, a full shot is a full shot.

  • My arms and my body go to the same place on the backswing, which is strong, and then through to the same place on the follow-through, which is controlled by all the big muscles and is strong.
  • No one is strong being stiff and away from their body, that is just tension.
  • We find that is what happens to people with the driver, they create tension.
  • They can never square the club and they are always hitting glancing blows and they are losing all their power.

So remember, keep your arms on your body like a baseball batter would do, a tennis player would get his arms back near his body to hit a two hand forehand down the line. You would never get the club or the racket or the bat away from your body for power, you always keep it under control, near the body where you can square it every time to the same point. There is no power in tension, you have to realize that. Tension is not power

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