How to Prevent Shoulder Turn in Your Golf Swing to Prevent Injuries

By Jimmy Ballard

I'd like to talk with you about a term in golf that’s been used over the years, it's still being used and to me it's the absolute worst thing that you can think of or try to do in a golf swing and that's the word 'turn.' You're all told to turn, you're constantly using the word 'turn' you hear the vocabulary used all of the time on television.

How Turning Can Lead to Injuries

Let me explain something to you by the laws of physics, if you are standing and playing golf on two legs, you can't turn. And every time you try to turn it creates a reverse pivot and I've seen more back injuries as a result of people trying to turn in this game. I’ve predicted it years in advance, if people ever tried to turn they would tear up their backs and I’ve seen it happen at every level of golf.

Ball Socket and Joint Analogy

Now think about something, first of all I want you to understand to turn something, you could only turn it from one socket and one joint. Example, if I took a ball joint and socket and connected it to that golf club, I can turn it. But if I now add, at any point, another ball joint and socket to that golf club, you can't turn it.

At that's what happens in the golf swing with your body if you're standing on two legs, if you’re standing on two legs, you have two sockets and two joints. You can't turn from two sockets and two joints, you can only turn from one. Then they add, and this is another thing people are told that totally misleads them, they're told that to pretend like they have a stake driven to the top of their head, right down their spine, right out their rear end and into the ground. They are told to hold their heads still and to turn on that stake.

What Turning Can Do to the Body

Now if I did that, I want to ask you, where would I go every single time? My body would go to the left in front of the ball, reverse pivot. Where will I go now on my backswing? Right over the top, and right back, pull up, look up and come out of every shot. What do you think that's going to do to my hip? What do you think that's going to do to my back? Years of doing that, or even months of doing that will ruin it; I've seen it destroy many golfers.

How to Coil

The truth in the golf swing is that the spine and the head have to shift into the right leg and then back into the left leg. Therefore, you have to create a coiling motion and you can't do that by turning. And the truth is you can either pre-set your head as we&'ve said many times, or you can let it flow, but it has to shift to the right leg so you can go to the left. Any form of turning is a reverse pivot and in my opinion it ruins a golf swing.

As I've said, if I stand here and I try to turn, I'll go left, the club will go around me, I’ll then go over the top and across it, pulling up and looking up. I must allow myself to shift and the key here is the shoulder point, if my left elbow stays down and my right shoulder goes up look how I shift into my right leg. Look how simple it would be for my right hand to hit a descending blow down and look how my weight and balance will go right to my left leg. This is so simple, until you get tied up with misleading terms that can destroy you, and they can hurt you to. We see a lot of injuries as a result of trying to turn.

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